Too often, a publishing enterprise will falter because of avoidable under capitalization or improper investment. Your future rests on flexible budgeting, profit planning, cash-flow forecasting and investing, which form the solid foundation from which to make sound financial decisions concerning your publishing program. Lexicon can play an integral part in your strategic planning process by helping to assemble the corporate and divisional budgets and cash-flow projections needed to monitor progress both in the short term and in the long term.

Lexicon’s consultants are skilled in the budgeting process, no matter how simple or complex your company needs are.

  • Our consultants can help you
  • Review past concerns and budget for them in the future
  • Raise future issues you may have overlooked
  • Benchmark current and future projections against industry norms and standards


Budgets are only as good as the numbers and assumptions that go into them. Lexicon’s consultants can guide you through this process so that your numbers and assumptions are valid, so that the results you achieve are in line with what you, and your investors, expect.


With budgeting, the best surprise is no surprise. Lexicon can help you achieve that goal.