Editorial Acquisition

Editorial Acquisition

The life-blood of any book publisher is the procurement of quality manuscripts, the development of those manuscripts in a timely, scheduled way, and the transmittal of those edited manuscripts to production.

Editorial Planning and Control

By understanding and controlling the acquisition process and its impact on others throughout the organization, your company can achieve the efficiency and effectiveness it needs to compete in today’s difficult environment.


The Lexicon Group can lead you through the editorial process. We can help you:

  • Strategically plan your editorial program
  • Define and establish sources of manuscript supply
  • Acquire manuscripts, from agents to packagers
  • Implement editorial evaluation systems
  • Research and benchmark your competition in order to uncover competitive editorial gaps and opportunities
  • Research and establish the feasibility of entering new markets
  • Establish and implement cost controls and negotiating platforms
  • Understand and negotiate contracts to insure maximum profitability and protection of rights
  • Establish developmental procedures, whether in-house or external
  • Streamline your existing operations