Internet E-Publishing

Internet Strategies & Design

With millions of people worldwide accessing information and purchasing goods and services using the Internet, publishers are facing a myriad of complex decisions in relation to migrating intellectual property to this new world of e-publishing, e-books and e-commerce. Lexicon can help you formulate your Internet strategy to ensure that your publishing company is fully exploiting all the newly emerging business opportunities being created by these new technologies, while protecting your intellectual property from unauthorized use.

Since 1995, The Lexicon Group’s consultants have been involved in helping publishers establish their strategic plans for developing effective web sites and assisting publishers in developing Internet-based marketing plans to drive traffic to their sites.


Publishers realize the need to evaluate and act upon new publishing models as information becomes more widely available and the barrier to entry has all but disappeared. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you:

  • Develop an Internet strategy based on your publishing strengths
  • Create a successful web site strategy including graphic design, content, currency, navigation, stickiness, and e-commerce
  • Recommend partnership opportunities to increase web site traffic
  • Develop an Internet marketing plan to increase site awareness, solidify branding, and build relationships between your customers, prospects and web site visitors
  • Analyze competitive forces in the marketplace and recommend strategies to differentiate your publishing company and web site in this crowded market
  • Suggest ways to resolve channel conflicts in the global environment
  • Launch e-publications

In addition, Lexicon is skilled at assessing e-book and on-demand printing opportunities that are developing along side of the Internet. The emergence of new Internet-based book distribution companies, new electronic book formats as well as new print-on-demand kiosks will significantly change the way books are delivered and read in the future. Our experts can help you:

  • Evaluate this technology and the implications it can have on your publishing business
  • Understand the pros and cons of the different formats of electronic content
  • Suggest licensing opportunities
  • Evaluate the different encryption options for protecting your copyrights
  • Provide competitive business models for digital delivery and digital rights management


The invention of new technology has significantly changed the publishing world in the past five years and if the pace continues, the next five years will bring even more change, more challenges, and more opportunity. Lexicon combines a deep understanding of your business with the expertise of this new technology. We are ready to help you take advantage of all the new opportunities available now and in the future.