Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing and Production

Today’s production and manufacturing environments are highly reliant upon the expert understanding and use of technology. Here, perhaps more than in any other area of the company, technology is quickly evolving to become more cost-effective and to reflect the smaller print runs mandated by “just-in-time” inventory needs.


Production and manufacturing personnel must have a firm grasp of these new technological capabilities and must know how to use them to greatest advantage. Furthermore, they must be able to schedule a multitude of projects to ensure completion of each at the appropriate time, within the bounds of budgeted cost of goods. Your printer must be viewed as an extension of your staff, who shares your vision for quality and customer service and who adds value to your manufacturing process.

In addition, the production and manufacturing area are responsible for at least 50% of your project’s costs. Management and staff must have a fundamental knowledge of the variety of means available to reduce costs and keep them under control.


Lexicon’s consultants are expert in all facets of book production and manufacturing. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Lexicon’s consultants can provide the assistance you need to run an effective, efficient department. Among the many functions we can perform in this area are:

  • Recommendation of printers and manufacturers based on your job specifications
  • Competitive bidding
  • Review of alternative paper pricing, availability, and suppliers
  • Selection or recommendation of appropriate software and hardware
  • Development of individually tailored software programs where required or requested
  • Negotiation of contracts and terms
  • Education of staff


Driven by the rapid advancement in desktop technology, the foundation of the prepress industry is undergoing dramatic, fundamental changes. As the structure of the industry changes, so too do publisher relationships with service vendors. In addition, service bureaus and many printers now offer on-line integration for typesetting and preparation. Which system is best for your publication? How do you pick a service bureau? How do you go directly from disk to plate?


Publishers must understand that their relationship and reliance on service bureaus will change and continue to evolve as desktop technology advances. Typesetters and color prepress houses vary in their expertise, knowledge, equipment, and service.


Print reproduction continues to improve with better materials and equipment and standardization. Yet quality remains a paramount concern as the publisher’s own operations must increasingly account for digital-to-film (and digital-to-plate) production. From Quark to Pagemaker, from linotron to scanning and screens, Lexicon can help you find answers to all your pre-press needs.


Book size and materials… paper selection… prepress activities… printing and manufacturing: a wide variety of choices with critical cost impact. Let Lexicon put its experience to work for you, providing you with a competitive edge on manufacturing costs and expertise, and greater gross margins to help your bottom line.