Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

A publishing firm must master the basics before it can realize its fullest competitive advantage. Based on our broad range of industry-specific experience, Lexicon works with you in the present to ensure a profitable future.


The Lexicon Group’s consultants are skilled in the areas of strategic planning, budgeting, cash-flow projection, process re-engineering, accountability, and managing by objectives. Lexicon’s consultants can help your management team be better leaders, by being better organized and by understanding, at base level, what it is they must do in order to succeed.

The success or failure of any publishing business rests squarely on the ability of management to translate goals and objectives into successfully completed tasks, within a prescribed budget and time period. Without a clear vision and without strategic plans and goals, management can’t effectively tell its staff or its customers what it wants to do, when it wants to do it, and where it wants to go in the future.


Planning and communicating goals is the cornerstone of the management process. Lexicon can help you to frame your goals and objectives and to communicate them within and beyond your organization.


Lexicon’s systematic approach is to:

  • Identify basic long-term goals
  • Create objectives and tasks that will achieve those goals within an agreed upon timeframe
  • Determine and allocate the resources necessary for completion of those tasks
  • Monitor progress
  • Verify results


Whether you want to revise your present long-term strategy or wish to develop a new one, Lexicon works with you to ensure that your business activities move directly toward the realization of your objectives. In the end, the systematically researched strategic plan becomes your most valuable tool in reducing risk and in maintaining a competitive edge.