Business Strategy & Resource Planning

Business Strategy & Resource Planning

A publishing firm must master the basics before it can realize its fullest competitive advantage. Based on our broad range of industry-specific experience, Lexicon works with you in the present to ensure a profitable future.

Strategic Planning

Planning and communicating goals is the cornerstone of the management process. Without a clear vision of the future, no manager can move his organization ahead. Lexicon can help you to frame your goals and communicate them within and beyond your organization.


Lexicon systematic approach is to:

  • Identify basic long-term goals
  • Create courses of action to achieve those goals
  • Allocate resources necessary for implementation
  • Monitor progress
  • Verify results


Whether you want to revise your present long-term strategy or wish to develop a new one, Lexicon works with you to ensure that your business activities move directly toward the realization of your objectives. In the end, the systematically researched strategic plan becomes your most valuable tool in reducing risk and maintaining a competitive edge.

Resource Management

Well crafted tools are only as good as the materials with which they work. Lexicon knows that getting the most from your available resources is a difficult task. While every business faces resource limitations, it need not be limited by the quality of those resources. Juggling talent, time and money between diverse functions, however, may leave you accepting second best. Lexicon expertise in resource management, therefore, could make the difference between marginal and record growth.


Lexicon believes people are your major resource. With new publications, employees make the difference between failure and survival, and for established publishers, between inertia and market leadership. Lexicon professionals understand that careful selection, substantial and ongoing training, and competitive employee compensation lead to growth and success. At the same time, we realize that properly selecting employees, training programs and compensation packages takes time and expertise away from your primary goals. We offer publishers the full range of human resource services: discreet executive search and recruitment, creation and revision of job descriptions, specialized on-site training, effective sales/marketing incentive programs, and evaluation of salaries and benefits. Your goals become our goals: motivation, satisfaction and productivity.


Productivity doesn’t stop with the individual. In today’s dynamic business environment, a static, “time-tested” organizational structure may be costing you profits. On the other hand, the mere upgrade of your computer system or the creation of a new department could cost valuable time and money if handled incorrectly. To avoid such scenarios, Lexicon applies tested methodologies to the evaluation of your organization, to determine its optimum efficiency and define implementation strategies.


Today’s publisher is faced with rising costs and revenues capped by competitive pressures. Too often, a publishing enterprise will falter because of avoidable under-capitalization or improper investment. Your future rests on flexible budgeting, profit planning, cash-flow forecasting and investing.


With Lexicon financial management assistance, you can develop flexible annual budgets and accurate multi-year cash flow proformas. This lays a solid foundation from which to make sound financial decisions concerning your marketing, editorial, circulation and advertising programs.


Lexicon can also show you the benefits of (and teach your personnel) several techniques for: identifying alternative financial scenarios, leverage points, freeing extra investment capital, and budgeting for profit.


Lexicon understands the many difficult trade-offs confronting you and your enterprise. Publishing companies, like all companies, face fundamental business decisions: decisions which must be made quickly and executed properly. Our professionals find the answers accurately and expediently. By bringing Lexicon publishing expertise to bear on the basics, your operation can attain and maintain profitable growth.