Circulation Fulfillment

Circulation Fulfillment

Acquiring and maintaining a reader base is a challenge that leaves little margin for error.


Whether you are developing new circulation, enhancing an existing list or completely redirecting your circulation program, effective circulation management and fulfillment are key ingredients for success.


Lexicon’s approach is based on the premise that circulation requires the careful procedures, processes and controls applied to any financial asset. And like any portfolio, it must be managed to maintain its current worth and provide for future growth. Our mission is to help you achieve optimum circulation management.


We believe a measured approach that begins with a thorough understanding of your goals is the best way to determine how you can best manage circulation. As we work with you, a host of critical questions will be addressed:

  • What is the true value of your circulation investment? How much are you spending on your service bureau or in-house systems? Are you spending too little or too much?
  • How effective are your direct mail activities? What is your rate-of-return on new subscriber mailings?
  • What is your renewal rate? How high is pay-up?
  • What is your cost per name to process, maintain and update the master list?
  • What flexibility is available in terms of output selection for labels, bills or renewal series?
  • How efficient are distribution and inventory control procedures?
  • How effective is your fulfillment process, from mail receipt and processing to output?
  • What is the impact of customer service on renewals and profitability? Can it be improved?
  • How difficult is it for you to gather the proper information for audit statements?
  • Does your service bureau or in-house system deliver the information you really need?
  • Do you enjoy appropriate levels of additional income from ancillary services?

Operational Options

Lexicon’s experience indicates that success is equally a function of decisions at the process, organization and service levels. While many publishers prefer to have outside firms take care of their fulfillment needs, others have found a variety of benefits ranging from cost savings to enhanced quality control by undertaking some or all of these activities in-house. Lexicon can provide the experience and expertise needed to help you make this critical strategic decision and to help you implement your chosen approach.


Lexicon helps publishers seeking to maintain circulation through a service bureau to identify, select and engage the best vendor for their needs. We help negotiate your services and costs and can guide the conversion smoothly and professionally.


For publishers in a position to enjoy the benefits of in-house management, our professionals can assist in identifying, evaluating and selecting state-of-the-art hardware and software. For those who have recently made an in-house investment, Lexicon can help improve operations such as label generation, mailing activities, postage bills, letter-shop activities, order entry and customer service. We assist publishers who wish to take complete control of their communication with the readers and advertisers in selecting the proper printing and mailing equipment.


Service bureau fulfillment…in-house

strategies…technology…organization: whatever the approach, Lexicon can help provide you with the opportunity to set your circulation management and fulfillment activities apart from competitors and further build the value of your readership base and position your circulation asset for growth.