Circulation Marketing

Circulation Marketing

Circulation is the heartbeat of any publication. Healthy renewals indicate a vital publication, while the attraction of new subscribers strengthens its pulse and prospects. Bringing these together into a consistent strategy is the goal of Lexicon’s circulation marketing services.

Circulation Strategy

Far too often, publishers take the single approach to circulation building, failing to benefit from the large variety of available tactics. This is where Lexicon’s circulation services begin providing our clients with a host of proven tactics. Our approach to circulation is based on the recognition that the range of strategies is limitless. Our philosophy is that there is no “unique solution.” Instead, we concentrate on finding the most suitable solution for you.


While counter-intuitive on the surface, Lexicon has assisted publishers seeking to lower their reader base; in some situations, a carefully managed circulation decline can better serve a publication’s goals by enhancing the “quality” of readers, while raising the subscription price or advertising CPM’s. We assist publishers who select a circulation strategy which seeks enhanced profits, whether this is achieved by growth or shrinkage of the reader base.


Having selected circulation goals, publishers and circulators face an array of decisions critical to any circulation strategy. Plans and budgets must be developed and reviewed for their realism, consistency, and ability to deliver. Strategies and targets for promotion and sales via newsstand, direct mail, telephone and agency channels need to be selected. Processes for fulfillment and subscriber services must be chosen, tested and made fully functional.

Circulation Optimization and Conversion

Lexicon can assist in your effort to increase circulation. We review and redirect programs designed to gain new subscribers, enhance renewals, extend subscriptions or ensure acceptable pay-up.


Our assistance can include strategies designed to respond to respond to competitive launches or competitive repositioning. Many publishers have used Lexicon’s approach for multi-title marketing to build circulation in a manner that avoids in-house competition.


Publishers have enjoyed the benefits of Lexicon’s experience in both controlled and paid circulation. Whether you need to develop an entire program for controlled circulation or simply design a form to qualify readers, Lexicon brings a variety of tested approaches to help ensure success. We have helped clients to convert from controlled to paid circulation or maintain a stable mixture of controlled and paid subscribers.

Promotion and Direct Marketing

Lexicon can provide the skills necessary to promote and market your publication. We can help you design comprehensive direct mail programs, list enhancements, and database construction for proprietary list development.


We have specialists who can help design and test your direct mail pieces to ensure that highest quality package is used to accurately reflect the quality of your publication. To these resources we add a wealth of techniques to help you select and test prices, terms, promotions and premiums.

Alternate Channels

Lexicon recognizes the frustration publishers face when trying to master the use of newsstand and agency subscription sales. While these channels present significant difficulties, Lexicon has helped many publishers use them strategically to enhance their circulation building activities.


Whether you are looking for a short-term boost, seeking a feeder system for long-term renewals or depend on newsstand or agency sales as your circulation lifeblood, Lexicon brings a base of experience, skills and techniques to help you meet your sales goals in these challenging channels of distribution.

Circulation Modeling and Forecasting

At Lexicon, circulation is considered part art, part science. Creativity, style and innovation are well directed within the promotion and marketing arenas of circulation. In the financial sphere, Lexicon brings a hard-nosed, dollars-and-cents approach to making investment decisions, selecting and installing software for circulation modeling, or developing a permanent budgeting process.


Strategy…tactics…details: Lexicon can provide a comprehensive mix of skills and experience to help you to strengthen the heartbeat of your magazine’s circulation.