Executive Search

Executive Search

The executive search professionals at Lexicon understand the field of publishing. Thanks to this special knowledge, we save the time you would need to spend educating a generic “headhunter.” But that’s only the beginning. We take the time to understand your company philosophy, your values, and your objectives. In the course of working with you, while listening and asking, we develop a partnership with you. Together we work to pinpoint your publishing objectives and refine your job descriptions.

Only then do the Lexicon search consultants apply their expertise to your unique requirements. Since our understanding of the publishing industry has been acquired through multi-faceted consulting engagements, we can identify with your culture and the critical elements necessary to succeed in your organization.


As a trusted and objective third party, our interest is not in advancing the cause of any potential candidate, but in conducting a cost, and time, effective search for the best possible people. People who can live up to the challenges of every day publishing decisions by creating workable solutions. People who will not only help you to solve the problems at hand, but who can think beyond them, who can add real value to your publication… your company.


Finding the right person for a key position requires focused research, an organized and well-developed search approach, total confidentiality, dedication to work, and able dialogue. If you expect too much and are offering to little, Lexicon’s professionals will alert you before it is too late. If we think that the solution to your problem goes beyond the filling of a position, and involves a redefinition of that position, we can not only inform you but help you to reformulate the prospective candidate’s role.


When the discussions, the research, the probing, the interviewing, the evaluating, and the reference-checking of potential candidates has been completed. Lexicon search professionals will introduce you to highly qualified and pre-screened individuals. When the finalists have been selected, Lexicon assists you in developing an appropriate compensation package and helps you work out the details that will result in the acceptance of your offer.


In the search for the talented publishing executives there are no shortcuts, simple formulas, or boilerplate solutions. There is determination, research, and the expertise that can come only from knowing the industry thoroughly. It is well known that individuals with the capabilities best suited for an organization’s needs are rarely active job seekers. Search executives must therefore work with you, with their contacts, and with publishing specialists.


Lexicon knows how to succeed because they are innovative, dedicated, single-minded, and uniquely discreet professionals. They will listen to the concerns of the candidates, as well as to your own expectations. They know how to deal with objections when they arise.


They also know that the publishing executive who thrives in one company may not necessarily do as well in another. They are sensitive to the fact that candidates who are going to be introduced must not only have the expertise you require, but must be compatible with the unique philosophy and character of your publishing organization.


Publishing expertise…wide-ranging contacts… familiarity with industry trends in compensation… Lexicon has the knowledge you need to complete your search quickly and effectively. We know that if ever you are to turn to us again, the candidates we propose must perform beyond expectations. Lexicon takes pride in helping you make the right choice.