Information Systems

Information Systems

Should technology expenditures be considered part of operating overhead or as an investment with a demonstrable effect on profits? While tradition holds with the former, we believe that rapid innovation in the publishing systems arena will allow forward-thinking executives to manage systems implementation efforts to a better bottom line.

The Information Matrix

Until recently, most publishers only dealt with computers to manage their order processing, financials and, to a lesser extent, to support their marketing efforts. Today, Publishers face a bewildering set of system alternatives for every department in the organization.

Some of the directions being taken include:

  • Automating the field sales force with portable PC’s
  • Providing computer support for telemarketing departments
  • Providing direct link financial reporting from subsidiaries to home offices
  • Developing an integrated marketing database with substantial history on customers, products, prices and ordering patterns
  • Automating page layout and other production activities
  • Providing real-time modeling and budgeting for all departments


Lexicon has been at the forefront of publishing technology since its inception. With each New wave if automation, Lexicon has provided its clients with a focal point for deciding not only what processes to automate, but how.


Our trained staff of publishing technology experts has had experience in every form of computing and communication technology, from large order processing systems running on a mainframe to simple design and layout programs running on a micro. In addition to our technical expertise, we also provide our clients with in-depth financial analysis which demonstrates exactly what benefits can be derived from each level of expenditure.

Selection and Implementation Methodology

Lexicon employs a methodology geared to the successful selection and implementation of computer based technology. Our methodology can be summarized as follows:

  • Complete review of all department needs and requirements
  • Careful selection of a wide range of possible system suppliers
  • Development of a detailed Request for Proposal
  • Development of weighted selection criteria
  • Final system selection
  • Contract development
  • Development of implementation plans
  • Project management
  • System sign-offs


Lexicon provides its clients with progress reports whenever major milestones are reached. These reports provide updates on project status and an opportunity to add or subtract elements from project.


The benefits to be derived from Lexicon involvement in your system and implementation program include the following:

  • The highest level of technical and managerial expertise in all areas of publishing technology
  • A proven methodology derived from 20 years of corporate publishing experience
  • Techniques for using technology that are pragmatic and immediately results- orientated
  • A clear-sighted view of the relative merits of technologies from one vendor to another
  • A total understanding of costs and benefits


Lexicon has built its reputation on developing information systems recommendations that work. We have no prejudices for one technology versus another. Everything we do is geared towards your needs with the most appropriate technology available and giving you the flexibility to make your investments last well into the future.