International Marketing

International Marketing

The accelerating integration of the world’s economies is making it easier for publishers to serve markets beyond their national borders. Many obstacles to international marketing are falling away as the global village becomes reality. Others are being removed by the radical changes in Eastern Europe, the merging of the national economies of Western Europe and the free trade agreement between Canada and the United States.


These changes offer new publishing opportunities and the potential for increased competition. At Lexicon, we have been cultivating an international outlook and skills in international marketing for many years. We can offer our clients a depth of international expertise that cannot be matched in our industry.

International Experience

Lexicon’s senior staff has extensive international experience in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Our staff can communicate comfortably in six major European languages and has worked in nearly half of the world’s developed countries.


Our team can operate knowledgeably and effectively on a senior management level with publishers and suppliers anywhere there is a market for magazines and other published information.

International Presence

Among our clients are publishers who operate in more than one country, or who market publications internationally, Lexicon’s strength is its knowledge of the world markets and its demonstrated ability to operate effectively on every continent. Our offices are staffed by professionals who can provide complete, in-depth knowledge of these markets and an improved access to the best available services.


Lexicon has for many years maintained a strong presence throughout Canada from its Toronto offices. We serve the major Western European markets from our offices in Frankfurt and London. We have also developed exclusive relationships with publishing experts throughout the EC and Eastern Europe in order to give you even more local market knowledge. Naturally, we can also support expansion-minded European and Asian publishers from our offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

International Resources

Many publishers seeking to expand internationally are daunted by the logistical, distribution, research, and language barriers. Lexicon can provide extensive help with the details of international trade.


We can help you analyze an international market. We can help you take a publication to market internationally with the proper pricing, advertising and distribution. If the situation warrants, we can also help you find a suitable partner, agent or supplier.


In fact, many aspects of the publishing process are not culture-specific. The expertise our staff possesses in technology, printing, advertising sales, production, fulfillment, planning and research can work for you anywhere in the world, particularly when combined with our global marketing skills.


It is not by chance that Lexicon can field a global team; it is the product of a long-standing commitment on our part to offer publishers everywhere an effective international marketing arm. Since we believe this a key area of opportunity in the coming decade, Lexicon is continually enhancing its international focus. In short, we have all of the resources to take your successful publishing venture into the international marketplace.