Magazine Development & Launch

Magazine Development & Launch

Few things are more exciting than the launch of a new magazine; it represents a venture into uncharted waters with unknown risks and untold rewards. Whether your venture seeks an untapped market among a unique set of subscribers or is principally concerned with serving the needs of an advertising community, Lexicon can assist you with state-of-art planning tools and techniques, expertise and experience.

Product Editorial and Design

What do readers want in terms of editorial? How are they presently served? What balance of articles, features, columns, and departments are of interest to them? What editorial slant will attract them? What mechanisms are available to build reader loyalty? Lexicon can help you answer these and other vital questions and develop alternative editorial approaches to provide readers and advertisers with the best possible editorial package.


Lexicon is also prepared to provide the design assistance you need for success. Whether you need alternative design concepts or wish to develop a specific design, Lexicon can guide a concept to print. Lexicon can also provide techniques for testing the editorial design concepts with prospective readers and advertisers.


Whether you are launching a paid or a controlled circulation publication, the horizon is uncertain without a clear picture of your prospective readers. Lexicon’s research services provide detailed answers to the following:

  • How are your prospective readers described in terms of reading habits and media preferences?
  • What are the values, lifestyles, and attitudes of individual reader segments?
  • What are those readers’ perceptions of your editorial and design concepts?
  • How can editorial positioning and circulation building efforts take advantage of such knowledge?


To answer these questions, Lexicon employs a mix of tested and creative techniques, including secondary research of published information, personal and focus group interviewing, and quantitative research to determine the attitudes and perceptions of readers, their purchase intent, reading behavior or the size and projected growth of the markets you wish to serve.

Advertising Sales Management

Advertising volume and revenue growth are the variables which most often determine a publishing launch success or failure. Lexicon can assist in answering these vital questions:

  • How do you identify and educate potential advertisers about your unique position in the face competition?
  • Where are your best prospects? Where are they currently advertising?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competition in the eyes of your prospective advertisers?
  • How can pre-prototype ad sales boost your launch?
  • What alternatives are available for engaging advertisers in the prototype development and test?
  • What milestone should be established to control advertiser expectations of your progress?
  • How can you use these to demonstrate growth before the launch?
  • How can you find, train and manage the right sales team?


In addition to these vital launch-related issues, Lexicon can help you develop effective selling tools, including media kits and rate cards, as well as direct mail and trade advertising programs.

Circulation Marketing and Systems

Strategies and targets for promotion and sales via newsstand, direct mail, telephone and agency must be created. Lexicon direct mail specialists can help you design and test your direct mail pieces, test prices and promotions, evaluate copy and ensure a high quality of materials which accurately reflect the quality of your publication.


Lexicon can provide the skills and expertise to ensure that your developmental efforts are sustained through the establishment of superior circulation fulfillment systems. We help find solutions to such critical questions as:

  • When are charter subscription programs successful and how can they be structured for growth?
  • What should you budget for circulation? What is the appropriate target cost per name?
  • How can efficient procedures be established for each component of your fulfillment process? Should fulfillment be handled in-house of by an outside service bureau? What hardware, software or service bureau will best serve your needs?
  • How can your circulation management and fulfillment practices enable you to earn additional income from list rental, merge/purge and other miscellaneous services?

Launch Strategy

Even the simplest of journeys needs a plan, and a publication launch is hardly simple. Promotion of a new publication is a delicate affair as you balance your need for information with disclosure to the market and competitors.


Lexicon offers a variety of techniques developed through our work on a number of successful launches. We can assist you in building a strategy and plan for your launch, including the goals, milestones, timing, techniques and resources necessary for success.


Advertising…readership…editorial…design…circulation…production …organization: all pulled together with a comprehensive launch plan that lets you know where you’re headed, how far you’ve come and how far you’ve yet to travel. Lexicon approached is designed to ensure a magazine launch that enjoys smooth sailing ahead.