Market Research & Publication Evaluation

Market Research & Publication Evaluation

Good business decisions start with good information. Without a clear picture of readers and advertisers, even the most able publishing executive will falter. This is where Lexicon’s research services begin. By developing a clear picture of what your readers and advertisers want, we provide a solid foundation for successful growth strategies.


Lexicon’s research approach is grounded in the belief that quality information provides opportunities to build a consensus within your organization. This consensus, in turn, is based on what your readers and advertisers really need from your publication and staff. With this agreement comes the teamwork necessary to develop a winning strategy.


To this end, Lexicon employs a mix of both tested research techniques and creative approaches. Our belief is that useful information depends on how you look at the world, not just where you look.

Consumer Research

Lexicon enhances your understanding of readers, whether they are currently readers of your publication or you are considering serving a new group of readers. Within this context, Lexicon can help identify what readers want, how they view competitive publications and where they feel they are not being adequately served by existing products.


Our efforts within this sphere serve to guide your editorial, advertising and promotional activities, whether you are considering a new launch or repositioning an existing title.

Executive Interviews

No publication exists in a vacuum. Strategies often depend on the actions of competitors or other key players in the industry which you serve. Recognizing this factor, Lexicon research services provide a vehicle for you to understand the thinking behind these important operations.


Some clients have employed our services in preparation of acquiring competitive-titles, others as a way to gain further reconnaissance on the potent market players. Either way, Lexicon can provide the high level contacts and information needed to minimize your risks in very sensitive situations.

Qualitative Research

Many Lexicon clients enjoy the benefits of our qualitative research services. Lexicon researchers employ both telephone and in person interviewing techniques to uncover the attitudes, needs and requirements of both readers and advertisers. We offer both individual in-depth interviewing and cost-effective focus group interviewing techniques that allow readers, advertisers and media buyers to share their thoughts and concerns within a controlled research environment.

Quantitative Research

No array of research services can be considered complete without the ability to quantify the market-place. Whether directed towards understanding attitudes and perceptions of the readers, purchase intent, reading behavior or the size and growth of the markets you serve, Lexicon can provide both telephone and mail survey techniques to gather the type of quantitative information necessary for lowering the risk in making business decisions.


Professional research services…tested techniques… excellent analysis: all designed to provide you with a clear picture of readers, advertisers and competition. Lexicon’s research services provide you with the quality information needed for good business decisions.