Value Creation
The Next Generation of Outsourcing is Here


Some organizations turn to outsourcing to solve Information Technology (IT) problems. Progressive organizations use the Lexicon Group to reshape their businesses in fundamental ways.

Business transformation outsourcing offers publishers a way of achieving transformational outcomes at speed. CEOs who use this approach start with a bold strategic agenda. They share risks and gains with an outsource business partner as they collaborate to transform roadblock business processes into competitive weapons in an accelerated time frame. And they measure the resulting performance improvement in dramatic gains in share price, market position, readership, advertising and return on investment.


So how does Lexicon make it happen? We combine our strengths in technology operations with our consulting experience and publishing industry knowledge to promote deep-seated change. We look at everything from infrastructure up through business-critical processes, and work with you to transform current systems into future strengths.


If you can reduce cost and improve efficiency by outsourcing applications, why not take advantage of outsourcing many of your business functions? Leading organizations are doing just that with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO); they engage Lexicon to identify and select the best and most cost effective outsource business partner. and to administer and manage the implementation process, according to defined metrics, and continuously improve the processes over time.


When software issues get in the way of larger business strategies…when hundreds of applications need to be customized…when faced with a daunting shortage of skilled workers… many organizations rely on Lexicon’s capabilities of choosing the best partner.

  • We help our clients control baseline development costs while keeping up with market innovations. Clients also share best practices and economies of scale through outsourcing
  • Experienced technologists, employed by the vendor, are ready to assume responsibility for the deployment, management and enhancement of packaged or customized publishing business applications, building in quality and efficiency at every stage of the process
  • Through our alliances, we can provide solutions for the implementation of complex supply chain management, human resources, customer relationship management, and finance and administrative enterprise-wide solution


As applications evolve toward delivery over the Internet-providing new capabilities at a fraction of the time and cost of custom installations-Lexicon stands ready to identify, select and implement proprietary solutions and to assist with related challenges.


The right outsourcing relationship can deliver competitive advantage through a continuum of services you can count on!


Keeping technology fresh and containing costs are perennial issues for every publishing organization. Today, equally critical are how to use technology to help differentiate yourself from other competitive publishers and how to get the most out of your investment. One answer is to focus more attention on creative revenue generation, and considerably less attention on technology infrastructure. With outsourcing through Lexicon, organizations gain the freedom to focus on what counts, along with a greater capacity to cope with emerging business publishing needs. With our experienced team of consultants, Lexicon has the resources to rechannel your current workload, as well as the capability to optimize migration to new platforms and solutions. For operational excellence at predictable costs, turn to Lexicon.

  • The current economic environment is creating challenging times for publishing organizations. They are wrestling with the need to manage their cost base in the short term and still take advantage of new business and technology innovations that will drive growth in the long term. Lexicon is helping our clients-publishers of all sizes-achieve their performance goals and stay at the forefront of innovation by delivering the solutions and services they need to be successful


Lexicon’s outsourcing approach emphasizes quality, reduced risk, speed to market and predictability.