Cindy Jo MinettDirectorNursing Knowledge International

Following a thorough analysis of our unique culture and business model, the Lexicon Group recommended several practical business strategies we could immediately implement. Their principals were not afraid to tactfully ask difficult questions, nor to make potentially unpopular suggestions they believed would help us break old patterns and ultimately reach our goal.

Hotan KamjooManager, Supply Chain & Operations StrategyThe Walt Disney Company | Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Thanks Jerry, we appreciated the partnership and will certainly consider the team for future opportunities…!


It was honestly a pleasure to work with you… Thank you again for your help. You have been a great asset and resource in assisting us understand “publishing”.

Lee PierceVP-Sales at Media Services Group

I’ve known and worked with Jerry at numerous projects over the years. Bright, professional, and asks the difficult & penetrating questions.

Theodore FoscoloResidential & Commercial Construction Management & Consulting

Jerry G – Detail oriented, methodical with realistic goals for my company. Always available – my highest recommendation.

Knut Nicholas KrausePresident, knk Publishing Software

Jerry Guttmann is a renowned expert of media business and of software technology in this market. He knows how to support his clients by describing their software needs and in understanding the current and emerging technologies. His specifications are precise and pragmatic with the result that both media companies and software vendors can focus on the important differentiators.

Wen (Wendy) ChenPublisher – China News

Jerry G. has profound knowledge in the publishing industry. He understands the needs of clients and thus gets work done efficiently and professionally.

Jonathan HaltzmanSales Consulting Manager at Oracle

I have worked with Jerry in the past and found him to be a highly skilled professional.


He is particularly adept at identifying client’s needs, selecting key problem areas, recommending alternatives for problem resolution and aiding publishing client companies in implementing solutions and presenting reports to management.

Daniel SchechterExpert in Improving Cash Flow and Value of Companies at L.E.K. Consulting

Jerry was great help to us on several publishing projects. He always knew his stuff.

Lori DannSales Development Specialist at Sandler Training

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Jerry. I could count on him to provide sound advice and follow through on his commitments.

Michael WhelanSecretary of the Association at FASNY

Jerry helped the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York evaluate our magazine as our membership was increasing from 22k to over 40k.


Jerry answers his e-mail in hours, not days! His suggestions and recommendations on producing a first class publication were on the mark. He quickly grasped the dynamics of the Association and made excellent recommendations for an inexpensive survey set us in the right direction. I would highly recommend Jerry as a consultant

Tana Kantor Publisher at TGEink

We’re still in the battle! We’re now seriously trying to raise money to get to print. I owe you a lot. You are a great teacher, leader and mentor.

Caitlin Hendel CEO/President National Catholic Reporter

You have been a tremendous asset to this company throughout the process of finding, selecting and implementing what looks to be a powerful data system for NCR. It was not the easiest of tasks, and we could not have accomplished it without your intelligence, your consultation and your persistence. Thank you very much for all that you have done for this company, Jerry. We all appreciate your work for us.

Dorothy Hurley Chair, Board of Directors AA Grapevine

Jerry – This is a personal note to let you know that…I am so grateful for all the work you have done for AAGV that has helped us get to this point. I feel relieved for the first time in a long time…I know beyond a doubt that things are being left in good hands with an optimistic future.

Brent PhillipsAssistant President A Beka Book, Inc.

I was very pleased with the services provided by Lexicon, and yes, you did meet our expectations. Should we have additional needs in the future I would be pleased to work with Lexicon again.

Ari Berkowitz Publisher The Voice of Lakewood

Working with Jerry has been a pleasurable and rewarding experience. He has contributed solid advice to my business using his keen understanding and experience of the publishing industry. I would recommend him to any publisher that is serious about growing their bottom line.

William R. ReedCEO CFM Religion Publishing Group, LLC

Thank you for your contribution to our ever-evolving challenges. We are in a much better position than we were just a few months ago. Lexicon provided the strategic leadership and direction necessary for us to stabilize our new operating system and redeploy some of the components that were converted incorrectly. Both Jerry and Linda are exceptional publishing professionals and worked well with my team. They were clear on what needed to be done and helped us achieve those goals. Their knowledge of the operating software we purchased and company that sold it to us was quite helpful in resolving a multitude of conversion issues.

Jonathan Lewis Editor Home School Enrichment Magazine

In working with Mr. Guttman and the Lexicon Group, we were able to define some key areas in which we could improve our operations with a direct impact on our bottom line. We appreciated Mr. Guttman’s capacity to bring an objective, unbiased perspective to our publishing operations, and his ability to suggest new approaches that produced positive results.

Bob Fryling Publisher InterVarsity Press

We have truly enjoyed working with all of you, and have greatly appreciated the professionalism and expertise everyone has brought to bear on the Excellent Adventure assignment.


I do want to sincerely thank you for your work and help to us. Although we have had some rough spots since the beginning with our IT folks, I felt that you all were not only very professional but also very helpful to us in navigating through some of these technical, managerial and relational matters. I have felt that you really want what is best for IVP and have been dedicated to that accomplishment.

Gerald M. ShankelPresident & CEO, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International

We would like to thank you for the assistance provided to us during the assessment and implementation of our recent data and software consolidation project. The analysis of our needs was very thorough and recommended solutions were well researched. The representatives of the Lexicon Group conducted themselves in a professional manner and established a good working relationship with the project team. The ongoing assistance provided over the course of the implementation was significant to the successful completion of the project.

Glenn F. HarveyExecutive Director American Ceramic Society

“I am pleased to confirm very satisfactory consulting experiences with Jerry Guttman and his Associates, of the Lexicon Group. The relationship began in the summer of 2005, has included three major assignments and Mr. Guttman continues to be on our minds as we consider present and future needs.


Mr. Guttman and the Lexicon Group initially were retained to do an in-depth analysis of our magazine publishing operation, from editorial and production through circulation development and subscription fulfillment, including re-bidding of our printing contracts. The analysis and recommendations were right on target and the resultant new printing contract, alone, resulted in savings that far exceeded the consulting investment.


The initial project of analyzing our publishing operation, led to a related assignment in which Mr. Guttman was retained to evaluate certain consumer magazines, which our Society owned. His valuation of the properties was in-line with acquisition overtures that had come to us; however, we decided to implement his recommendations for increasing their value, rather than disposing of them.


The Society accepted Lexicon’s recommendations to build value by centralizing the operations under an experienced publishing executive. Mr. Guttman was retained to undertake the search, which he completed in less time than expected, with results that could not have been better.


I will be happy to elaborate on any of these matters.”

Suzanne W. FletcherMD, FACP Robert H. Fletcher, MD, FACP Editors

“We want to thank you for the superb job your company did in providing the consultation to the American College of Physicians. We were impressed by the high standards of your staff and by the combination of clear thinking, patience and political skill you demonstrated at every step of this complex task. With your help and guidance, our staff went from a Charles Dickens style of record keeping to a modem computerized system. More than that, although they originally were very fearful, you managed to engage them in such a skillful way that they embraced the new system, learned new skills, and along the way, developed an increased sense of pride in themselves and in their jobs. In our view, what you did for the staff is every bit as important as what you did for the business systems of this organization.


Again, our sincere thanks. We hope we will have a chance to work with you in the future.”

Adam A. ButtEditor In Chief After Hours Magazine

“Running a magazine business is a 24/7 job. I am constantly on deadline. I simply don’t have time to interview scores of candidates for the positions I need to fill. For my staffing needs, I turned to Jerry Guttman from The Lexicon Group. He is extremely professional, courteous, and efficient in finding me the right person for my needs. Mr. Guttman, in my opinion, is one of the best publishing consultant that I’ve ever work with.”

Jeff Bennett Director of Information Technology International Society for Technology in Education

“The Lexicon Group provided clear recommendations for organizational improvement and proposed multiple, thoroughly researched implementation scenarios for meeting ISTE’s information infrastructure goals. Both Jerry and Linda were responsive, timely, and professional in their communication with our executive team.”

Thanks again for all your help!

Michael TrokanBusiness Manager Rethinking Schools Ltd.

“Lexicon was a tremendous help in reaching a decision on whether to upgrade our internal fulfillment operations, or outsource fulfillment. Jerry Guttman brought an expertise we lacked. More importantly, he forced our board and staff to ask hard questions about our operations. Our final decision to outsource has allowed us to focus increased energy and attention on the core mission of our nonprofit organization – to produce quality educational materials for teachers.”

Raymond Leon RokerPublisher URB Magazine

“You guys most definitely uncovered the Holy Grail for us, both with production costs and finding Laura. Here’s to more findings! “

Bill SchubartChairman and CEO Resolution Direct

“The Executive Committee, composed of the divisional Vice Presidents here at Resolution, met last week and agreed that the work that you and Jerry have produced for the first and most complex phase of the engagement is the finest and most productive we have yet seen from a consulting group in our 19 years.”

Hugh HarelsonPublisher Arizona Highways

“Since the early 1980’s, we’ve used a variety of Lexicon’s services. We like their inquisitive, direct approach to problems, and their responsiveness in proposing smart solutions. They’ve been a key part of our growth.”

Virginia G. NagleVice President, Operations The Crosby Vandenburgh Group

“In contract publishing, we have to meet two sets of standards – our own and our clients’. That’s why Lexicon’s work has been so impressive. They facilitated a complicated vendor conversion to everyone’s satisfaction. The combination of their industry knowledge and hands-on approach was very effective.”

David MalleryEditorial Director VAX Professional

“We’ve worked on several very successful projects with Lexicon. Their skill with focus groups has allowed us to see things we hadn’t seen before. The results of their work have led to measurable successes for us.”

Lou DottiExecutive Vice President Institutional Investor

“Along with a complete understanding of our current needs, Lexicon brought an intelligent vision of what we might need in the future. Just as important, their professionals worked very smoothly with our people – they felt like an integral part of our operation. Very few publishing consultancies possess that blend of skills.”

Charles CarrollNational Advertising Sales Director Boy's Life

“Multifaceted in their collected background, the consultants at Lexicon bring extraordinary experience and tremendous dedication to their clients. Honest appraisals, market wisdom, and unique strategic insights – in all areas of publishing – set them apart as most effective magazine management partners.”

Ronald KeenerGroup Publisher American Marketing Association

“Top management was pleased with the hard hitting, objective, searching review you gave to our eight publishing assets. You gave us some solid recommendations to work from and they will help us establish a more strategic direction. Beyond that, the working relationship with your staff was pleasant, professional and enjoyable.”

J. Carey KeaneNational Director Boy Scouts of America

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your firm for the excellent work that you accomplished for our Magazine Division. Your recommendations were backed by exhaustive research and an understanding of the nature of our particular issues.”

Simon J. DahlmanEditor The Lookout

“From start to finish, I’ve been impressed with your sensitivity and knowledge of our market and needs, your level of expertise, and your professionalism in handling all aspects of our project. The consensus here is that you have uncovered valuable (and in many cases, essential) information, and you’ve given us a good sense of where to go from here.”

Roger CaseExecutive Vice President Krause Publications

“I want to thank you for your work on this project over the past several months. I know, at times, it must have been difficult for you in trying to walk through the minefield of widely varying opinions and agendas. In the final analysis, I am happy with the result. You brought some very keen insights to the problem at hand.”

Jerome ChildressDirector, Fulfillment Services The Alban Institute

“Thank you for the excellent consulting services you provided us in our search for a fulfillment warehouse. You brought us a clear and distinct strategy and in so doing left us an unmistakable consensus that our choice was the most appropriate for our institute.”

Pamela Lishin JonesPublishing Director The Christian Science Publishing Society

“We hired Lexicon to help us update our manufacturing and production operations and to be more in line with today’s outsourcing requirements. Not only did they assess, evaluate and recommend; we also asked them to implement their findings. They completed their tasks in a highly professional manner, within costs and our estimated timeframe.”

Earl AinsworthSenior Vice President Farm Journal Publications

I am pleased to report that Lexicon’s team did an exemplary job on all fronts. They were able to bring near-term savings of hundreds of thousands of dollarsThey challenged us to reexamine our assumptions of how we do things today, and how we staff for the future. As a result of Lexicon’s work in ascertaining the needs of the marketplace, optimizing our print and bindery, updating our software and redesigning our flagship publication, we have a plan we are confident in following into the out years, and a sharp new VP of Magazine Operations (recruited by Lexicon). I highly recommend Lexicon.